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November 30, 2010 | | Comments 0

Now that I’m a little older I find I need some help keeping up with all the crazy new changes going on within the rock and pop industry, these kids just seem sooo different to when I was a lad. Thankfully I know I can always rely on the X-Factor to keep me bang up to date with the changing face of music; after all they really are driving the change aren’t they? Trend setters I believe is the expression.

Anyway last weekend I was ever so grateful again to the programme, and their cutting edge music supremo Simon Cowell, for introducing me to the most extra-ordinary of bands, The Wanted.

I really think we should give three cheers for these boys and a big gold star to the X-Factor for showcasing what, I’m pretty sure, is the first special needs band ever. It really is a sign of the times and our social progress that the youth of today are accepting into their teen hearts these seriously challenged boys.

If you don’t know the band it is made up of two autistic boys, Jay and Siva, and more amazingly, two Down syndrome cuties, Nathan and Tom. Very cleverly the bands fifth member is their carer Max and I suppose they had to have one conventionally good looking lad in the band just to appeal to those old fashioned conservative types who just aren’t ready for a fully blown band of mongers. Still this is all definitely a step in the right direction, well done X-Factor.

Check out the video, I’m sure you’ll be amazed.

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