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Michelle wows London girls

Michelle Obama – Feel the love

The world loves the Obamas and Michelle took that love to a new level with her emotional speech to an audience of female students at a girls secondary school in North London.

Feel my sneer

Daniel Hannan MEP tells it like it is.

If you haven’t already seen this speech from Daniel Hannan MEP then fix that now. Great to hear some straight talking. Daniel Hannan speaks for huge swathes of the UK. I’m no Tory, and the arguments may be a little simplistic, but you can’t argue that he sums up how much of the British public feel about the current situation. Grow some balls Gordon, your dead in the water you might as well go down fighting.

Gordon Brown’s words of condolence to David Cameron

Gordon Brown’s words of condolence to David Cameron

Of course we are not alone in our grief and we share our sadness with David Cameron who lost his six year old son yesterday and with Gordon Brown who also lost his daughter back in 2001 just a few days after she was born.