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Oh the Places You'll Go by Dr Seuss

Dr Seuss for Roxie

During G’s pregnancy I was reading Dr. Seuss stories to Roxie. Here’s an excerpt from his last story “Oh the Places You’ll Go” published in 1990. This was read by G’s sister at Roxie’s funeral.

Getting it right as a first time father.

Getting it right as a first time father.

I’m no daddy blogger but I think I can be forgiven a few posts on upcoming fatherhood. With only a few weeks to go thoughts turn to the birth. How will I cope? Male friends have been pretty hopeless on the subject of pregnancy, childbirth and fatherhood in general. “You’re never going to sleep again” [...]

Hear me now.

Soundtrack for a first time mum.

So we’re three weeks and counting til our first baby and my dear wife, control freak that she is, has prepared well. She already has three separate play lists of music for her stay at the hospital. This is good as I will now have something constructive to be in charge of during the car [...]