Soundtrack for a first time mum.

February 17, 2009 | | Comments 1

So we’re three weeks and counting til our first baby and my dear wife, control freak that she is, has prepared well. She already has three separate play lists of music for her stay at the hospital. This is good as I will now have something constructive to be in charge of during the car journey and labor. Of course I will no doubt get that wrong too, but hey, that’s what “being the man” is all about during pregnancy.

Hear me now.

Hear me now.

Why three playlists? Well, because of course she needs at least three moods of music, entitled “Instrumental”, “Funky” and “Smooth”. I’m thinking of creating my own play list that will be entitled simply “FUCK!”

Anyway, while listening to the “Funky” play list I realised there was a lot more to her choice than just pleasing melodies. So I present to you some tracks that first time mums might want to consider. Bare in mind that much of this music will be playing while she gives birth!

1. Relax (Take it Easy) – Mica (I won’t be saying this during labor)

2. Changes – Bowie (Well you’ve got that right sweetheart)

3. Feelin’ Groovy – Simon & Garfunkel (Will she be feelin’ groovy in the 23rd hour of labor?)

4. You are the sunshine of my life – Stevie Wonder (Again probably sometime after labor)

5 Perfect Day – Lou Reed (Here’s hoping)

6. Tiny Dancer – Elton John (Hilarious… our baby’s doomed)

7. Under Pressure – Queen (hahahahhah)

8. Those were the days my friend – Mary Hopkins (What were we thinking?)

9. Can’t take my eyes off of you – Frankie Vallie (Ahhhh sweet)

10 The Masterplan – Oasis (Nuff’ said)

Got any other suggestions?

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