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April 04, 2009 | | Comments 0

The world loves the Obamas and Michelle took that love to a new level with her emotional speech to an audience of female students at a girls secondary school in North London.

Michelle wows London girls

Michelle wows London girls

I watched an excerpt from her speech on Channel 4 news, undoubtedly the best news program in the UK. Who could not have been moved as Michelle, her voice wavering, full of feeling, told the girls they were all “jewels”? She inspired these young woman with the thought that they too could achieve anything, with a good education and hard work.

Michelle reminded us of the best American quality “to be the very best that you can be”. Even though some Americans interpret this as meaning “be the very best arsehole you can be” the desire to achieve and be productive must be admired in our North American allies.

As she reminded the students that they were the women who would build the world as it should be, my eyes welled up with her words of hope and positivity. And as the clip ended, and we returned to John Snow in the studio, his measured response was a classic.


Way to keep that British cynicism alive John.

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