Michael Phelps pot “scandal”

February 09, 2009 | | Comments 0

Following the photo of Phelps apparently smoking pot through a bong Kellogg’s have dumped the athlete from their promotions saying he “was not consistent with the image of the company.”

What, What, WHAT!?! The man should be given another 8 medals. This guy is beyond super human. I’m such a lightweight that I can’t even speak after a joint while this guy can toke AND win 8 Olympic golds.

Michael Phelps not inhaling.

Michael Phelps not inhaling. suggests a boycott of Kellogg’s. Good idea but when you’re stoned you’ll eat anything. If you can find your way to the supermarket will you be able to remember which brand you’re boycotting? Will you remember what boycotting means?

Perhaps Kellogg’s should increase their sponsorship deal and go for the stoned market. “Hi, I’m Michael Phelps and when I get the munchies I eat Kellogg’s”.

By the by another report today is linking pot smoking to testicular cancer.

The study of 369 men, published in the journal Cancer, found being a regular marijuana user doubled the risk compared to those who never smoked it.

Did they also ask those 369 men how many of them spent more than eight hours a day sitting on the couch in tight pants watching kiddies TV? They could have come up with some very different conclusions.

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