Letter to the head of our community.

February 25, 2009 | | Comments 0

Dear G*****,

Thank you for agreeing to help us with the funeral of our baby girl, Roxanne. We understand it is a lot to ask and we are very grateful and honored for your assistance.

Please do not think we are asking you to be a minister or priest, we understand completely that this is unusual for you, we ask only that you can offer some words on behalf of yourself and all the other residents of P******.

We imagined at the cemetery, you could welcome everybody who is there, talk a little bit about us and of course offer your condolences for our baby, say anything else that is in your heart and possibly pass on any thoughts from anyone else who you might have spoken to. There will be one or two other people who will then say or read something; and then when everything is finished perhaps you can invite everybody for a drink at a location which will be arranged shortly.

Maybe it would help if we told you a little more about our experience of coming and living in P****** and how it has become our home.

As you know we arrived in April 2006. We came from a very different place, very different. London is an incredibly stress filled place and there is little in the way of community. We made a decision to start another life, a life where things would be simpler and where we could start a family in peace. This is still our dream and will be true one day.

Of course we had no idea of where we were coming and what we should expect. What we have found is a loving community where we have been welcomed without any prejudice. We have been accepted for who we are and have been overwhelmed by the kindness of those we have met and who have now become our friends and neighbours.

The sadness of our loss is increased by the fact that so many people in the community have been looking forward to the birth of our daughter as much as we have.

Of course the coming months will be difficult, but this is only the start of our story. P****** is our home and we have many years ahead to create a happier outcome.

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