Goody, Johnson and Cyrus – Fear and Loathing continued

February 12, 2009 | | Comments 0

Less than a week ago I published a post discussing why there seemed to be an increase in “celebrities in trouble” stories at the moment. I wasn’t a 100% convinced by my own theory at the time, but  her we are, not more than a week later, and we now have three more public figures getting a kicking for, lets face it, pretty much fuck all.

Jade Goody, who is very likely to die of cancer, has been criticised by some, although the media seem to be quite vague on who these people are, for publicising her suffering just to make money. Boris Johnson, London Major, has been pulled up and snitched on by Keith Vaz, MP,  for using the F word 12 times (oh horror of horrors) in a private phone call between the two. And finally Miley Cyrus has found herself in big trouble for doing “chinky eyes” in a photo. And because everything is bigger and better in America one woman has actually taken out a 4 billion dollar lawsuit against Cyrus, saying that she is guilty of a civil rights violation and should pay $4000 to each of the, approximately. 1 million asian Americans in the state of California. Ok, well good luck with that. I love the quote from the FOXNews report, apparently Cyrus and her friends were,

making a stereotypical gesture by pulling their eyes into a slanted position. The gesture is commonly thought to be offensive to Asian Pacific Americans.

Really? How specific, just Asian Pacific Americans? Wow those Pacific American Asians are so touchy, why can’t they be more like all the other Asians, Jeez.

So now we’re starting to see more evidence for my thesis (fuck it’s a thesis now?) and I say, again, keep you’re head down or someone will try and take it off.

Oh, and as before I could care less about the stories themselves and won’t be bothering to examine them here…except to say that if anyone is criticising Jade Goody for profiting from her illness, or if media outlets are creating criticism just to keep a story going, then I’d just like to say… YOU FUCKING SADISTS! Where’s your fucking compassion? The poor woman is 27 and is very likely to die very soon leaving behind two very young boys. Be sure to leave me your name and address and I’ll set some time aside to come by and criticise you when you’re on your death bed. Fuckers!

And relax…better.

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