Dominique Strauss-Kahn Can’t Understand What all the Fuss is About.

May 21, 2011 | | Comments 0

IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn, who was arrested in NY for alleged sexual assault was said to be completely bemused by the fuss over his conduct. Strauss-Khan is in effect the world’s most powerful loan shark and, as such, is believed to be confused as to why anyone would begrudge him a booty call whenever he wants one.

An unreliable source in the Strauss-Khan camp summed up the mood, “Over the last few months Dominique has had the leaders of Greece, Portugal and Ireland gently cupping his balls at the drop of a hat, so to be honest we think this maid has ideas above her station”.

The French media, who finally have something to report about during the last few days, have echoed this view. Sabina Brassiere, a dead eyed, large breasted anchor person for one of the major French news channels said in a bored monotone “Frankly this is great news and goes some way to putting France back on the map. As a nation we really don’t do anything, at all, anymore, so it’s important to remind the world that when it comes to lechery nobody can touch the French.”

Before his arrest Strauss-Khan was widely expected to announce his intention to run for the French presidency and this latest scandal can only serve to consolidate his credibility for the post. President Sarkozy, the self proclaimed ‘King of Bling’, was last night said to be “very worried” that there might be a candidate out there sleazier than him. After letting Roma Polanski slip through their fingers, Sarkozy must now hope that the US have learnt their lessons and won’t make the same mistakes with this dirty Frenchman.

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