Clarkson, Thatcher & Bale – Fear and Loathing

February 07, 2009 | | Comments 2

I’ve come to a realization regarding some of the minor news stories circulating at the moment. Such is my loathing of rolling news that I have found it necessary to look behind the news items to get some sort of perspective on the current climate, the stories themselves are rubbish.

There seems to be an increase in “celebrities in trouble” stories lately. The three at the moment are Carol Thatcher’s “racist” comment, Jeremy Clarkson’s “one-eyed” comment in the UK and Christian Bale’s outburst in the States.

Not smiling anymore.

Not smiling anymore.

Good to see it’s the Brits upsetting everyone again. In my opinion all these news stories are non-stories, nothing in themselves. I don’t think any of them are of any real interest or importance and I won’t waste my time discussing their pros and cons.

I think the news worthiness of each (or lack of) reflects something deeper that is interesting. People are angry. The fear of this financial crisis is deeply upsetting and unsettling for many, many people. Some of those who feel a loss of control, both in their lives and their futures, are starting to lash out at something, anything that they think they can control. They may be impotent where it matters but they can give a good kicking to any misguided celebrity that isn’t watching their step. In the good times, when we’re all living off the fat of the land, society is happy to let misdemeanors slide; but not now. The knives are out.

I predict that this is just the tip of the iceberg. Things are going to get very much worse and will destabilize much further and, as they do, sections of society will grasp and grab for anything they think they can influence and bring back under their control. Censorship and control will increase and we should all be on our guard. In times of uncertainty I expect a lot of lashing out and we would all do well to keep out the way, while still speaking the truth where we can.

Now more than ever the choice is between fear and love. Make the right choice now. If you choose fear prepare yourself for a very unpleasant time.

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