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God give me strength

Why Wikipedia Sucks.

Well it just does, doesn’t it. All looks and sounds like a great idea in principle. All those volunteers working tirelessly to bring us all honest, well researched, unbiased and (heaven forbid) non-commercial information about any topic that you can imagine. But in practice…

Feel my sneer

Daniel Hannan MEP tells it like it is.

If you haven’t already seen this speech from Daniel Hannan MEP then fix that now. Great to hear some straight talking. Daniel Hannan speaks for huge swathes of the UK. I’m no Tory, and the arguments may be a little simplistic, but you can’t argue that he sums up how much of the British public feel about the current situation. Grow some balls Gordon, your dead in the water you might as well go down fighting.


All you need to know about this f**cking financial crisis.

Finding it hard to get your head round the ins and outs of this global financial crisis? Well, if you live in the UK the root cause became pretty dam clear today.

5 Reasons to hate this ad

5 Reasons to hate this ad

On the whole ads don’t faze me anymore… but there are always exceptions and this one gets right up my nose. 1. Who the hell uses instant messaging to resolve their personal relationship problems!? 2. Do women usually complain about their partners pursuing their dream job? 3. Is losing broadband connection a frequent occurrence in [...]