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Michelle wows London girls

Michelle Obama – Feel the love

The world loves the Obamas and Michelle took that love to a new level with her emotional speech to an audience of female students at a girls secondary school in North London.

A Spade

Call a spade a spade.

I like the expression “call a spade a spade”. It’s great for cutting through the shit and telling it like it is (or how it is to me). It’s good to be well briefed so I googled it to check that I wasn’t using an expression with any racial slurs and found this. …the expression [...]

Michael Phelps not inhaling.

Michael Phelps pot “scandal”

Following the photo of Phelps apparently smoking pot through a bong Kellogg’s have dumped the athlete from their promotions saying he “was not consistent with the image of the company.” What, What, WHAT!?! The man should be given another 8 medals. This guy is beyond super human. I’m such a lightweight that I can’t even [...]