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Wow! The Wanted on X Factor

Wow! The Wanted on X Factor

Now that I’m a little older I find I need some help keeping up with all the crazy new changes going on within the rock and pop industry, these kids just seem sooo different to when I was a lad. Thankfully I know I can always rely on the X-Factor to keep me bang up [...]

You must let everyone know where they've gone wrong

Don’t be a failed stumbler.

Hey I’m sh0rtbus56 and I’ve been around the block and stumbling before you were born, 2006 to be exact. So I’m gonna tell you how I roll and you newbies better listen up, cos if you do then one day you might just be someone on the net. Whoda thunk that a no hope loser [...]

Oh the Places You'll Go by Dr Seuss

Dr Seuss for Roxie

During G’s pregnancy I was reading Dr. Seuss stories to Roxie. Here’s an excerpt from his last story “Oh the Places You’ll Go” published in 1990. This was read by G’s sister at Roxie’s funeral.

Hear me now.

Soundtrack for a first time mum.

So we’re three weeks and counting til our first baby and my dear wife, control freak that she is, has prepared well. She already has three separate play lists of music for her stay at the hospital. This is good as I will now have something constructive to be in charge of during the car [...]

Goody, Johnson and Cyrus – Fear and Loathing continued

Goody, Johnson and Cyrus – Fear and Loathing continued

Less than a week ago I published a post discussing why there seemed to be an increase in “celebrities in trouble” stories at the moment. I wasn’t a 100% convinced by my own theory at the time, but  her we are, not more than a week later, and we now have three more public figures [...]

Could you try and have a vaguely original idea?

Could you try and have a vaguely original idea?

Ok there’s nothing new under the sun, but really have we come to the point where copywriters get paid to just completely rip off somebody else’s idea?  This Haribo ad is such a copy of the Will Ferrell skit that I’m surprised they don’t get sued for copyright infringement. On a happier note I offer [...]

Not smiling anymore.

Clarkson, Thatcher & Bale – Fear and Loathing

I’ve come to a realization regarding some of the minor news stories circulating at the moment. Such is my loathing of rolling news that I have found it necessary to look behind the news items to get some sort of perspective on the current climate, the stories themselves are rubbish. There seems to be an [...]