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Bin Laden Message from the Grave Shows his Softer Side.

Bin Laden Message from the Grave Shows his Softer Side.

A new 12 minute recording by Osama Bin Laden, made shortly before his death, has been released by Al-Qaeda and while the US are focused on his inflammatory remarks, praising the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt, many in the UK were intrigued to hear about his passion for arts and crafts and his dream that [...]

Dominique Strauss-Kahn Can’t Understand What all the Fuss is About.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn Can’t Understand What all the Fuss is About.

IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn, who was arrested in NY for alleged sexual assault was said to be completely bemused by the fuss over his conduct. Strauss-Khan is in effect the world’s most powerful loan shark and, as such, is believed to be confused as to why anyone would begrudge him a booty call whenever he wants one.

Wow! The Wanted on X Factor

Wow! The Wanted on X Factor

Now that I’m a little older I find I need some help keeping up with all the crazy new changes going on within the rock and pop industry, these kids just seem sooo different to when I was a lad. Thankfully I know I can always rely on the X-Factor to keep me bang up [...]

God give me strength

Why Wikipedia Sucks.

Well it just does, doesn’t it. All looks and sounds like a great idea in principle. All those volunteers working tirelessly to bring us all honest, well researched, unbiased and (heaven forbid) non-commercial information about any topic that you can imagine. But in practice…

You must let everyone know where they've gone wrong

Don’t be a failed stumbler.

Hey I’m sh0rtbus56 and I’ve been around the block and stumbling before you were born, 2006 to be exact. So I’m gonna tell you how I roll and you newbies better listen up, cos if you do then one day you might just be someone on the net. Whoda thunk that a no hope loser [...]

Michelle wows London girls

Michelle Obama – Feel the love

The world loves the Obamas and Michelle took that love to a new level with her emotional speech to an audience of female students at a girls secondary school in North London.

Feel my sneer

Daniel Hannan MEP tells it like it is.

If you haven’t already seen this speech from Daniel Hannan MEP then fix that now. Great to hear some straight talking. Daniel Hannan speaks for huge swathes of the UK. I’m no Tory, and the arguments may be a little simplistic, but you can’t argue that he sums up how much of the British public feel about the current situation. Grow some balls Gordon, your dead in the water you might as well go down fighting.

An angel never dies.

One more blessing.

We’ve had so many beautiful words of condolence. I don’t think I’ll be posting anymore blessing, I can’t take anymore and you probably can’t either. However this final blessing tore me up. So here it is.

Let's talk about it.

A long over due letter to my therapist.

I used to go to therapy, group therapy. It was very helpful during two very difficult periods. My therapist was excellent. I’ve wanted to let her know how I’ve been getting on for some time. And to send some support to the members of the group who are there now. This is my letter.

A blessing for Roxanne Carris

A blessing for Roxanne Carris

The Gaelic blessing below was given to us at our wedding by my best man. Six years later and our friend Patrick suggested the same blessing for Roxie to help her little soul safely to the other side. Separately I had chosen a piece of music for the funeral, Attendite, performed by the Libera Boys [...]

Oh the Places You'll Go by Dr Seuss

Dr Seuss for Roxie

During G’s pregnancy I was reading Dr. Seuss stories to Roxie. Here’s an excerpt from his last story “Oh the Places You’ll Go” published in 1990. This was read by G’s sister at Roxie’s funeral.

John O'Donohue - Irish Poet & Philosopher

Thoughts on grief from John O’Donohue

We were very moved by this blessing for grief. The moving and poignant words were read for us at the funeral of our baby, Roxanne. They were written by the Irish poet and philosopher John O’Donohue and come from his book of blessings called Benedictus.

Gordon Brown’s words of condolence to David Cameron

Gordon Brown’s words of condolence to David Cameron

Of course we are not alone in our grief and we share our sadness with David Cameron who lost his six year old son yesterday and with Gordon Brown who also lost his daughter back in 2001 just a few days after she was born.

Letter to the head of our community.

Letter to the head of our community.

Dear G*****, Thank you for agreeing to help us with the funeral of our baby girl, Roxanne. We understand it is a lot to ask and we are very grateful and honored for your assistance. Please do not think we are asking you to be a minister or priest, we understand completely that this is [...]

My poor baby girl is dead.

My poor baby girl is dead.

I’ve spent the last year and a half on a journey of what I hoped would be self improvement. I gave up the booze, I’ve tried to be a good husband, I’ve learnt to control many of my fears and I’ve prepared myself for being a father. This blog was all part of the process. [...]